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Our suite of training programs and credentialing opportunities are available to registered candidates at no-cost.  

In order to create a smooth and seamless process some personal information is needed on the front-end of enrollment. If at any time additional information is needed one of our team members will reach out to you directly to request that information. 

Below, you will find explanations of the different training programs offered through this one step registration process. 


Break into a new field or gain skills to grow in your current career industry. Learn in demand skills that are important in today's corporate environment. Coursera cruises through educational content based around an array of topics to include math and logic, creative, tech and personal development courses, and more, from over 200 universities. In each of these courses you will be able to learn from top professors as well as network will fellow students and peers.

IBM SkillBuild

SkillsBuild is a unique learning-experience designed to be a launch pad to create the next chapter in your career through learning, experience, and community. All the materials in SkillsBuild are curated to help you reach your goals and are backed by an ecosystem of experts. We are proud to among IBM's collaboration of partners who bring leading-edge passion to your learning experience. Start earning credentials that demonstrate your skill, expertise, and experiences, while also helping you to stand out from other job seekers and advancing your career.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS provides self-paced courses, available 24/7, that allow candidates to refresh or learn new skills that organization’s both want and need in today's modern job market. Whether you are looking to freshen up some skills after a recent career pause or you’re looking to change job fields, the LMS has something for everyone.

Live 1:1 Training

Live Training is designed to help job seekers learn, upskill and reskill by meeting them where they are. Our training and development programs help job seekers grow, become more competitive, and gain an edge in job placement and with progression in your career. Live individualized training that covers targeted resume writing, the federal application process, interview skills, job search skills, and so much more including a weekly series and special topics.  To view the Live Training calendar, please click here: LIVE TRAINING CALENDAR

Cyber & IT Credentialing and Certification opportunities with one of our partners

Work with a member of our team to identify idustry specific credentialing needs and connect with vetted partners to obtain the certifications your need to advance your career.

CASY, VetJobs, MSCCN and Military Spouse Jobs, or any of it's affiliates, reserves the right not to serve civilian candidates

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