Who Comprises the MSJ Work-Talent™ Community?

Military Spouses: Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and Retired
Military Widows and Caregivers
Military Youth of working age

Who are MSJ's Employment Specialists & RecruiterConnect™ Specialists?

Our MSJ job placement experts are all military-affiliated and credentialed in military-to-civilian job placement services.

What Are the No-Cost & High-Touch Employment Services Provided by MSJ?

Live resume assistance and online 24-hour resume assistance
Train2Hire courses into industry-specific careers: click here to learn more
One-on-one and high-touch job placement support
We help identify job positions that are the best fit for you
Gaps in skills and employment are identified and resolved
We act as YOUR job advocate from resume inception to job placement and beyond
Access to thousands of verified jobs from vetted employers
We assist job-holders find that next BIG job
We protect your personal information, because we do not allow paid entities into our database of candidates

How Do I Register for MSJ’s No-Cost Job Placement Services?

Simply fill out the form and an Employment Specialist will contact you within 2-3 business days. Need to talk to someone about your registration?  askus@msccn.org.

MSJ reserves the right not to serve civilian candidates

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