What is the Arm-Me Up™ Careers Campaign™?

The Arm-Me Up™ Careers Campaign, through MSCCN and Military Spouse Jobs, employs its no-cost direct connect job placement processes for all Army Spouses, active duty, retired, widowed, caregivers, sheltered, and fiancés.

Arm -Me Up™ (Army-only) Job Seekers:

You will receive high-touch, one-on-one career readiness and job placement assistance at no cost.
Our Career Specialists will assist you with resume development, career and industry training, and personalized job placement support to connect you with the job you qualify for and so richly deserve.
Our RecruiterConnect™ Specialists are accomplished recruitment specialists who work one-on-one with corporate recruiters from our partnering companies to expand employment opportunities for our Army Military Spouse Applicants.

Our Career Specialists & RecruiterConnect™ Specialists are highly qualified and trained employment experts. They are all military-affiliated and credentialed in job placement services.

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Information disclosure is voluntary. Failure to provide all the requested information will not prohibit services, but may make it difficult to provide the most effective job placement support. To ensure the employment readiness and placement of all military affiliated job seekers, personal identifiable information may be shared with potential employers and community partners. Information will only be shared with the explicit intent of job placement. All services are at no cost to you, and your information will only be used for the purposes of assisting you with your career readiness and job placement goals. Your information is never shared or sold. By providing your information, you agree to be contacted by a representative of our team, it's employer partners, and/or one of it's community partners, as well as entered into the specific program's database for assistance.

Veterans United Foundation is the proud, founding corporation for Arm-Me Up. Arm-Me Up™ reserves the right not to serve civilian candidates.

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