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August 2017
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Just Plain Smart Move
Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss
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Spectacular Sunset

Posted by a storm chaser, this video is a magnificent display of color and clouds during a North Dakota sunset.

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Horse Blowing Bubbles

Like a little kid with a straw in a drink, this playful horse uses a water break to have some extra fun.

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These Three Are Well Worth A Look
If there's a student in your family, get this app. It's like a tutor that gives hints about math, science, and humanities homework.

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Want to keep track of wines you've tried? See what others think? Find new favorites? Get great deals? Do it all with Vivino.

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Money Box
Saving money can be a tough challenge. Money Box helps you reach your goals with reminders and deposit tracking.

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Great Sites To Check Out In August
Summer Food Safety |
We love summer picnics and barbeques, which is why August is National Picnic Month. But before you fire up the grill or open that picnic basket, check out this page for food handling tips. Find out how to pack, transport, prepare, and serve food safely to avoid foodborne illness.
All About Classic Cars|
Love classic automobiles? If so, you'll want to check out this site to buy your dream car or find parts for one you already have. You can also explore stories from car aficionados, check out the calendar for car-related events, or review the publications list for additional information sources.
Free Online Learning |
This site is a great educational resource for students who want additional instruction on challenging subjects. It offers lessons and testing in math, science, engineering, humanities, computing, economics, and more, including SAT and college admissions prep for older students.
News That Inspires |
The Daily Good website promotes positive and uplifting news from around the world in sections like Generosity, Everyday Heroes, Nature, Work, and Science & Tech. Find uplifting messages in the Quotes section. Subscribe to the newsletter for a daily, weekly, or monthly dose of good news in your inbox.
Short Tutorial/FAQ – Is Personal Data Really Gone After It's Deleted From A Device?
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