White Paper Series


Cutting the Cord: The Manager's Guide to Wireless
Voice in the Contact Center

When your contact center agents are able to move around without putting your customer on hold, they can confer with experts at other workstations, walk across the center to retrieve a file, or refer to test equipment in the next room – improving resolution time and customer satisfaction. Part Two: Consider, the most recent installment of our three-part white paper series, Cutting the Cord, will give you the information you'll need when considering how wireless voice would work in your own building and with the practices of your own contact center. 

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to assess wireless voice technologies and best practices in your own contact center, including Density and Security concerns
  • Which of your contact center personnel will benefit most from wireless voice
  • How to become a savvy buyer of a wireless voice installation

If you're ready to consider the fit between wireless voice and your contact center, download Part Two: Consider.

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