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By submitting the per seat deposit (the “Deposit”) in the amount set forth on the form accompanying these terms and conditions, you (“Holder”) are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. Season Seats Priority. This is not an agreement to purchase or provide season seats. Submitting the Deposit will provide Holder with a Priority Registration Number (“PRN”) based on the sequence of Holder’s Deposit. The PRN will provide Holder with priority access to purchase full season seats (collectively, “Season Seats” and individually, “Season Seat”) for the Belleville Senators (“Club”) for the 2017-18 American Hockey League (“AHL”) season at the Yardmen Arena in Belleville, Ontario. The PRN will be sent to Holder via email within one (1) week following payment of the Deposit. The number of Season Seats available to purchase will be limited to the number of seats for which the Deposit was submitted, to a maximum of six (6) per Holder. Holder will be contacted to select seats in order of PRN during the seat selection process, expected to commence in or around the summer of 2017.

Seat locations will be subject to availability and determined in accordance with rules and regulations established by Club. Season Seats will be made available at prices and under other terms, including the deadline for such purchase and Season Seat Terms and Conditions, as determined by Club from time-to-time in its sole discretion. Any benefit associated with the Deposit, including, but not limited to, priority for selecting seat locations, discounts, and the opportunity to purchase Season Seats, may be withheld, modified and/or revoked by Club at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. Failure to purchase Season Seats shall be deemed, in Club’s discretion, forfeiture of the benefits as described above. Club’s receipt of the Deposit does not guarantee or imply, in any manner, that Season Seats will be available for purchase in Holder’s preferred seating location or pricing package, or at all. Holder may not assign or transfer in any manner the benefits or rights granted herein, including the PRN.

2. Deposit. In the event Holder provides written notice (see paragraph 3 below) to Club that Holder desires to cancel Holder’s priority access or does not wish to purchase Season Seats, Club will provide a refund to Holder in the amount of the Deposit, in the same tender such Deposit was received, following completion of the Season Seat selection process as established by Club. Any interest accruing on or with respect to the Deposit shall belong solely to Club. In the event Holder agrees to purchase Season Seats, the Deposit will be applied to the full cost of the Season Seats, in accordance with the applicable Season Seats Terms and Conditions.

3. Notices. Holder is obligated to promptly notify Club of any change of address. Such notice must be in writing and shall include the signature of Holder or authorized officer if Holder is a legal entity. All written notices by Holder shall be mailed to: Belleville Senators, Attn: Ticketing Department, 1000 Palladium Drive, Ottawa, ON K2V 1A5 or faxed to: (613) 599-0359.

4. Modification. Club reserves the right at any time to modify, amend or supplement these terms and conditions.


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