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"Real Life" Sales Concept Kits

Senior Market Sales has partnered with North American (NACOLAH) to introduce sales concept kits designed to help life insurance agents identity new sales opportunities, start the life insurance conversation and close more sales. Each of the 10 kits contains an agent guide, client brochure, agent checklist, case study flyer and client worksheet.

To receive all 10 kits, simply fill out the form below. You’ll also receive the SMS e-newsletter to keep you on top of the latest products, sales approaches, webinars, white papers and timely offers exclusive to SMS agents.

Real Life Sales Concept Kits

The 10 kits available are: Retirement Supplement, Estate Planning, Buy Sell, Policy Review, Executive Bonus, Key Person, Pension Maximization, College Funding, Legacy Building, Annuity Maximization

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