Sept. 28, 2016

Good News! Composite Rate Forms Are No Longer Needed in 2017

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, existing and new small business (1-50) accounts will be required to select the billing option method (age or composite billing) on the updated 2017 Small Employer Benefit Program Application (BPA) if a billing method change is requested. The 2017 BPA billing method section (Page one) will replace the current Composite Billing Method Declaration Form that groups currently use if electing composite billing with ACA/metallic plans.

Existing Groups Renewing in 2017
Existing groups with ACA/metallic plans that want to renew in 2017 with the same billing method (age or composite billing) are not required to complete the 2017 BPA unless there are additional plan changes requested. This means if the groups previously selected composite billing at the time of their 2016 renewal, they will remain composite billed unless a BPA is submitted requesting a change back to age rates. If a group wants to change its billing method at renewal, the 2017 BPA billing method section as well as any applicable account information (including account name, numbers, requested effective date, etc.) must be completed.

New Groups in 2017
New groups in 2017 will be required to complete the billing method section of the 2017 BPA, choosing age or composite billing with ACA/metallic plan selections.

The 2017 Billing Method Reference Guidelines and FAQs included with renewal materials will provide additional information.