May 18, 2016

Group Markets
New Blue DirectionsSM Sales Tools Available

Do you have clients who are looking for assistance in any of these areas?

If so, Blue Directions may be the solution you have been searching for. Blue Directions reduces clients’ administrative workload through:

It also empowers employees to make smarter, more cost-effective health care decisions by giving them access to:

New Blue Directions Materials
A Prospect Checklist was recently created to help you identify clients who may benefit from a switch to Blue Directions.

We have also developed a suite of materials that you can share with clients, including:

Value of Blue Directions
Since Blue Directions launched in 2013, over 40 clients have adopted this benefits administration solution. This past quarter alone, 15 clients have been implemented.

The value of Blue Direction’s decision support tools and diversified benefit offerings was recently recognized in an internal study of one of our national clients. In its first year with Blue Directions, 33 percent of the employees purchased less expensive coverage, contributing to a 10 percent reduction in their paid claims costs.**

Contact Trina Marshall if you have a client that might be interested in Blue Directions.

*Offerings include products from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, as well as from other independent or separate companies.

**Client specific performance is not a guarantee of future expected savings.