May 11, 2016

Don’t Waste Time; Use the Online Producer Service Request Tool

More and more producers are benefiting from the online Producer Service Request Tool, as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has made it easier and quicker than ever before to submit requests for common administration needs. Beginning June 1, it will be mandated for all producers to begin using this tool. Be sure to get accustomed to it before the deadline to avoid a delay in resolution times.

The only way to take advantage of easily submitting your inquiries is by using the Producer Service Request Tool. Beginning June 1, all inquiries and requests for the following will need to be submitted through Blue Access for ProducersSM (BAP):

Note: Continue to use the Producer Service Center phone number at 855-782-4272 for updates or changes to your name, tax ID, Social Security number or producer ID.

How to Use the Producer Request Tool

  1. Log in to BAP to submit and track requests.
  2. Select the Producer Services link located at the top of the page.
  1. Identify your request through the Request Assistance page.
  2. Track submitted requests by clicking the “Existing Request Tickets” link on the left-hand navigation.