Aug. 3, 2016

New Blue Access for EmployersSM Login URL

As of July 22, 2016, Blue Access for Employers (BAESM) has upgraded login security for your direct access from Blue Access for ProducersSM (BAPSM) to BAE when viewing your accounts.

Note: There are no changes when logging in to BAP.

Additionally, this change will impact your group clients’ login to BAE. Now, when groups log in to BAE, their user ID and password will be confirmed through Siteminder. Since all BAE login links are being changed, temporary redirects will take your clients to the new links. This happens “behind-the-scenes,” so groups won’t see anything new when logging in to BAE. However, they are now required to enter their full user ID during login, including all zeros (e.g., 001234.test).

Updated External BAE Login
All groups can still use the public sites to log in to BAE. Here’s the URL for reference:

If a group client has bookmarked a different BAE login link, please encourage them to change their settings to use the public site link shown.

Thank you for working with us to make sure BAE stays as secure as possible. Please call the Internet Help Desk at 888-706-0583 with questions or concerns.