Oct. 25, 2017

A Two-week Extension to the 2018 Small Group Open Enrollment Begins Nov. 1, 2017

Beginning Nov. 1, 2017, small businesses purchasing ACA/Metallic plans may waive participation and contribution through Dec. 15, 2017, for the open enrollment periods for Jan. 1 and Jan. 15, 2018, effective dates.

The two-week extension to the no participation and contribution requirements period allows more time for processing January 2018 effective dates. The Underwriting team will continue to verify that new business accounts represent valid small employer groups.

Note: The “No Contribution” and “No Participation” options are only available for new groups applying for coverage during the annual open enrollment period. Small groups must complete and submit the required documentation to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas through the FSE tool between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15, 2017.

If documentation is received Dec. 16, or later,
standard small group participation and contribution levels will apply.

For more information, please contact your general agent or Small Group sales representative.