July 5, 2017

Coming Soon: Quoting 100% Online for Fully Insured Groups (1-50)

As of Aug. 1, 2017, the online ACA Small Group Quoting Tool will be the only method used to quote fully insured groups (1-50). Accessed within eSales Tools, the quoting tool will allow you to:

Blue Balance FundedSM Quoting
Initial  quotes for the Blue Balance Funded program are now available online via the eSales Tools for groups with 10-50 enrolled employees. However, groups with 51-100 employees will need to request a Blue Balance Funded program quote from their sales executive since it will be provided by Underwriting.

Blue Balance Funded is an Administrative Services Only suite of services available to employer groups with as few as 10 enrolled employees*, featuring administrative services, stop loss policy, claims adjudication and predictable monthly payments.**

Contact 800-399-5831 for assistance with using the quoting tool.

* The minimum enrollment of 10 employees (beginning with Sept. 1, 2017, effective dates) or 75 percent enrollment of the employees eligible for coverage (whichever is greater) with at least 12 months of prior group coverage and meet specific eligibility criteria. Maximum enrollment is 100 employees.
** The amount of the monthly payment may fluctuate depending on the number of enrolled employees. It is recalculated each year and is subject to change. Employers are solely responsible for taxes and fees, and obtaining and paying for their own accounting.