Commerce Composer

Build adaptable store layouts and personalized customer experiences, without IT involvement.

What if your online buyers could complete purchases faster, with zero hassle and the least number of clicks possible (snagging a few upsells, to boot)?

And what if you could make layout and content changes on the fly, without breaking critical aspects of your store or the sales journey? Finally, what if you could do all that without touching the code on your site or calling in a favor from a developer?


Learn how IBM Commerce Composer puts those capabilities into your hands:

  • Create, copy, and modify store layout and content templates with point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease
  • Preview and test responsive design on a variety of devices
  • Stay ahead of the game by designing, previewing, and scheduling layouts for future promotions
  • Reduce your time to market, total cost of ownership & implementation
  • Boost workflow efficiencies and merchandizing opportunities
  • Gain greater control of the customer experience
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