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OASIS-D Mobile

Quickly find the OASIS insight you need to accurately complete the assessment the first time, every time with the reference app no home health field clinician should be without. Explore with a free 14-Day trial now!

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The Premier OASIS reference tool!

OASIS-D Mobile allows you to access both official and exclusive expert OASIS guidance anywhere, anytime! Quickly navigate to decision support for any M-item with a few simple touches/swipes, including OASIS Guidance Manual instruction and DecisionHealth’s plain-English summaries of every CMS Q&A. No more flipping through hundreds of pages of official guidance to find an answer.


OASIS-D Mobile is a must have for home health field clinicians

Remote Access

Available anywhere, anytime – even in areas with limited or no WiFi!

Exclusive Guidance

Plain-English tips and CMS Q&A summaries from respected experts

Time Saver

Official and expert instruction in the palm of your hand


What your colleagues are saying about OASIS-D Mobile

“I have been enjoying the OASIS Mobile App and have found it to be easy to use and very helpful in working through the questions. As the clinical nurse supervisor it is nice to have access to the info on my phone so that I can help the staff with questions they have when doing the OASIS.”

- Brenda Monson, Prairie Lakes Home Care/Hospice, Watertown, SD … iOS user

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