Healthix Improves Care Coordination with healthShare & Real-Time Clinical Alerts

In every healthcare system, there is a profound tension between the need to protect the privacy of personal health information and the need to share it for better care. In New York State, health information exchanges such as Healthix, in the greater New York City area, must have written consent from patients before clinicians can access their information. Providers or facilities that share data with Healthix usually obtain consent during a patient’s visit. But what happens when the patient is admitted to an emergency department where he has not signed a Healthix consent form, and is unable to? What happens if he cannot convey critical information about his heart condition, for example?

The Healthix Essential Alerts program helps providers coordinate and deliver the best care while remaining compliant with privacy regulations. Healthix (the largest public health information exchange in the U.S.) uses InterSystems HealthShare® to gather and maintain a unified health record for more than 16 million individuals, share data with more than 600 healthcare organizations, connect more than 6,000 sites, and send more than 7 million Clinical Event Alerts per year to providers. InterSystems technology enables Healthix to continue improving care coordination and patient safety, while complying with privacy regulations.




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